For the common good

Let’s not fight amongst one another
Let’s not discuss the heavy issues of our time.
Let’s eat cake and this topic smother
Let’s live a joyous life, it is no crime

Let’s not make troubles in other countries our concern
Let’s drink tea or coffee to wash down these unpleasantries
Let’s smile and laugh and heavy conversation spurn
Let’s have dinner, make this conversation mere distant memories

Let’s not dwell on such gloomy affairs
Let’s talk about the weather and my knitted sweater
Let’s gossip about the neighbour’s silly hair
Let’s compete on whose children are doing better

Let’s keep it pleasant for the common good
of our self-understanding and national institution
instead of taking responsible action as we should
Let silence or distorted reality be our easy solution.

Mai L. Nissen, 2nd of September 2015

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