Hollow (space 2)

Art by Ditte Løfgren

Mai L. Nissen, March 2015

Although, empty it feels inside my shielded heart
within it; cold, dark and hollow intermingled in vicious art;
Layer upon layer of darkness that never seems to end,
hollow that echoes sharply around every hidden bend,

frozen forever by the cold that harbours within my four rooms;
these dark, cold echoes of the past are but haunted tombs.
I hear you knocking from outside, echoing through the cold.
I cannot let you enter, I cannot let the dark, hollow unfold;

unleash devastating cold that unencumbered, no one can escape;
Your mind and heart, the all-consuming hollow will wretchedly reshape.
Only regret will find you, once you feel the hollow’s dark, cold embrace.
You cannot imagine, but the hungry hollow demands so much space.

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