Dust (Space 3)

Art by Ditte Løfgren

Mai L. Nissen, March 2015

Letting you touch my heart,
know it’s darkest secrets;
Letting past love
and bitter memories
sweep away;
clearing the dust
solidly settled within
these harrow,
hollow walls.

Too full of darkness,
leaving no room for light;
Slowly I sweep
to clear a space
for the white-pale glow
of moon’s sleepy face.

Content to see you dance
across crooked walls;
In moon’s cold light,
near your shadow,
silent solace travels
through tunnels
in heart’s hardened,
Chalky veins.

Glistening sapphire stars,
my eyes in evening’s dark,
lead me through dreams
dense and dark.
I reach for your shadow,
muted and distant,
with glassy glare
that pierces.
Little quakes,
voraciously vibrate
through my heart,
harrowing up
the dusty devastation
that long years
comfortably accumulate.

Vision confused
by quakes
that tremble;
Reluctantly settles.
A bursting sensation;
A burning struggle;
Yearning in deep dwelling
puncture through
paralysed mime in motion,
with deafening silence
in a world shaken.

For a moment
all movement shackled,
and sound suffocated.
Uneasy quiet
… followed
by a distressful,
echoing sigh.

A fresh breath
of breezy silence,
dusty memories
swept away.
Sweeping slowly
the dense old dust
within this space
of feelings familiar.
Feelings made void
by voiceless
desires dormant;
Awoken by quakes
that shake and tremble,
familiar foundation
wears thin.
I softly sweep away
It’s vestiges
within this vessel.
Moon’s smile fades away;
Night’s glistening eyes
sleepily extinguish,
on the soft screen
of cloudy skies.

Eyes surrender
to vision of red and yellow;
In sleep I see
a shining face
ascend from beyond
emotive, liquid base.

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