Embrace, Extend, Extinguish

Art by Ditte Løfgren


Mai L. Nissen, 24th of February 2015

The demand of masses
for individual freedom,

by the system
to appease the crowd.
Slowly appropriated
to fit existing structure; 
the demands

for individual
freedom guided
down acceptable paths,
… losing all meaning


The concept extended
to align with

Capitalist interests:
Where companies dictate
willing individuals
how to be 
an individual;

into a brand,
a commodity,
we happily buy into.
Uniqueness celebrated,
consumed without thought
by the many people,
the individuals,
who dare defy
mediocrity of a crowd.


Busy being


no one notices,
the mediocrity of crowds
of individuals

along parallel paths;
The paths that feeds,
not the victory
of individuality,
but the purses
of companies;

that shape and sell
a selection

of identities;
a selection of paths
to meet the demands

of the crowd

of individuality;
to maintain the cycle
of controlled freedom,

profit and customer
Determined we walk,
in all our glorious

towards the city’s cul-de-sac’s;
Where all individuality
is extinguished.

Mai L. Nissen, 24th of February 2015

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