I Think – Therefore I Am

Art by Ditte Løfgren

Man has widely been distinguished from other animals by our perceived ability to rational contemplation. Whilst I do see evidence of such a feature in the behaviour of the human race, in varying degrees; This does not mean that rationality is a fundamental and dominating feature of man. It does not mean that we make use of rational thinking more often than we do any other features. At least, not in a way that really matters – or separates us from animals in any significant ways. Few individuals embrace rational contemplation in one form or another. Therefore, it cannot be said to be a dominating innate feature of Man.

Groups are the powerful workers that make things come to fruition. They can move mountains – or they can dig holes and transform architecture into ruins. The group has no awareness, no rational decision-making. The group goes where it is led, which at times is random; much like an avalanche set off in surprise, by a loud noise. Such actions are not brought about by rational decision-making.

So why then, do we emphasize this little-used feature in regard to human capability, when we are so reluctant to make use of such a faculty, when it is most needed?

I think, therefore I am… So we have established our existence – and then what?

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