Art found in ‘House of Artists’ in Tehran, Iran

Mai L. Nissen, 2012

Desperately pounding in my chest
My heart wishing to break free
My mind, never a moments rest
My heart begging it to leave me be.

Stumbling, though carefully I tread,
Desperate I try to leave past life behind,
free my mind from a self-created web.
Yet, I hesitate, in fear of what I may find.

Festering fear take hold in heart and vain
Anger, frustration poisoning my thought
Yearning for release of unrelenting pain;
Release from every stitch my mind has wrought

The prison I have so long wished to escape
With its doors now open I am free to leave
Now life is my own to selfishly reshape
My heart feels heavy, scared to believe

Mai L. Nissen, 2012

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