Nothing but the Void

Art by Ditte Løfgren

Mai L. Nissen, 2011

You fight so hard,
And hurt so much.
I cannot imagine…
A fruitless endeavour;
You fight angrily
– And tired.
So tired and worn.
I sympathize;
But I do not feel you
… Not any more
Only a memory remains;
My heart slowly closing.
Yet with curiosity,
I still watch you:
You feel so much,
You feel alone
– And you are.
I cannot feel myself,
My heart isolated.
We are alone,
Do you know
that I have gone?
You do, don’t you!?
Raging against life
Like you have lost everything.
You have.
Raging with vengeful fire,
That burns the floor underneath you;
Leaving only ashes
as a trace of what used to be.
Nothing remains,
But the whole in your heart.
Nothing but the void.

Mai L. Nissen, 2011

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