Location, Location, Location…

Art by Ditte Løfgren


Mai L. Nissen, 8th of February 2015

Revised version:

Our reputation in the world, we would not recognise;
We need change in action, if we wish to reconcile
our own perception of our conceived collective identity
with that of others’ view of us, seen from their reality.
Put away fear and panic, arrogance and pride
Instead look to empathy as a level headed guide;

Put same descriptions onto others and we, too, would despise
their actions, justifications; we would not so easily sympathize.
If the consequences of our actions is to be rectified,
not threats or sanctions, but diplomacy needs to be amplified.
Information gathered with an agenda, and extrapolated as such,
accompanied by biased rhetoric takes a stronger hold in us.
Rhetoric is a powerful weapon and is often in the guise of fact
It appeals to our emotions, which often causes us to overreact.

We take for granted that information equals knowledge.
However, in reality it is important to acknowledge;
Information is a double edged sword, from which we choose;
What to blindly accept and what to blankly refuse;
a process crucial in generating certain points of views
not even of democracies can we say this to be untrue.

In service of political interests; actions in need of an excuse,
this crucial process we often mishandle or directly abuse;
Without thorough exploration, upon which we built our estimation;
short-sighted, hasty decisions and actions ends in exploitation/is put into appropriation;
Which may backfire and result in an ‘unexpected’ annexation?
To which we react by pointing fingers with hostile allegations.

How we connect and separate single constituents of information
determines, which meaning we accept out of countless intimations.
Depending on economic, geo political interests of a nation
We face the reality that information is – location, location, location 😉

Mai L. Nissen, 8th of February 2015

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