Fractured Mind

Art by Ditte Løfgren

Mai L. Nissen, 2013

Delicately locked away;

Strangers, friends held at bay;
Safely guarded, this secret treasure
feels protection, though no pleasure.
Fearfully and cautiously locked a way;
Left to its misery, slowly to decay.
No light, no dream dare enter
the lifeless, hardened centre
of my heart, that only knows:
Of feeling that in other people grows.
Infectious decease threatens to irrupt;
hearts faulty design set to self-destruct;
Only maddened contemplation
Exists within this cell of isolation;
Only maddening silence to ignore,
endless nothingness to explore;
In this deceased and fractured mind
cognition and sanity are left behind;
Experience no rage, sadness or fret
indifferently, faced with quiet death
Mai L. Nissen, 2013

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