Only You Know Me

Art by Ditte Løfgren

Mai L. Nissen, 2012

My eyes hurt,
from the sharp light of day.
My skin is burning slowly
from the kisses of the sun.
Patiently I wait for nightfall.
Longing for the cover of dark;
You surround my body ,
You protect me from burn,
Your gravity pulls me in,
we become one.
You always come back
– a faithful companion.

The curtain of night withdraws,
And you leave me naked;
Unprotected from burn,
I walk as a shadow
among the living.
Despite my opaque veil
everyone sees me.
In hesitant, discomfort,
exposed I wander in the light.
The light that pierces my eyes
The light that burns my skin
A spotlight purposed to scrutinize,
to reveal every past and future sin.

A Vile and wretched,
blunt manifestation.
I walk in all my repulsive glory
longing for nightfall;
To be devoured by your love.
Safely you swallow me;
Where I begin and you end,
I do not know.
To be loved by you,
to be part of you;
I can never let you go
– Only you know me

Mai L. Nissen, 2012

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