Final Pyre – January 2013

Art by Ditte Løfgren (Digitally altered for this purpose: Negative mode)

Mai L. Nissen, 2013

From the fire that scourges your mind
hurt feelings and doubt are intertwined.
Your memory filled with rows of pyres
which you fear may never expire:
Thus threatening to let the future afire
as your thought of the past never seem to tire.
– the memories that haunt your thought
are of deeds that cannot be unwrought!
The scourging fire in your heart, eats away,
devour every living thing along the way.
This punishment and self-abasement may seem
to deservingly underestimate your self-esteem!
Tortured by the slow and hungry flame
you long to be rid of all feelings of shame
for which you are undisputedly to blame!
your talent now, is only to mame.
The voice of your hearts desire whispers so silently
drowned in the screams that fester so violently
to the beat of the noisy shouting of the mind
that refuses to leave past memories behind.

A wraith raging like an erratic fire,
walking the steps of his final pyre.
Raging like a cold and frigid fire,
no dreams, body empty of all desire.
Looking never to rise again
tired of constantly having to feign
appearences of health and blissful tranquility;
light in your eyes extinguish with little culpability

Mai Lee Nissen, 2013

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