What ought the purpose of this blog be?

A space, in which my mind is set free,

No constraints of material responsibilities,

nor restricted by physical vulnerabilities;

A space I can leave my heart open and bare,

to calmly breathe in uncontaminated air;

Where my thoughts may safely fly and unfold

and strengthen my voice to slowly grow bold

I realise that there’s a lot of people out there with talents for writing; should anyone like what I write regardless of my, say, humble talents, I am happy to share. More importantly, I welcome constructive criticism if anyone can be bothered! However, as the rhyme above suggests, this is merely a space in which I express myself about personal feelings and political and social themes – As I am not a perfectionist, errors in spelling and grammar will occur.

Good day to you! ^_^

By the way, I am only half as fucked up, as I appear to be in my writings… Just saying!

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